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Sad Boxer 24X24

A sweet faced dog ready for some attention.
$79.00 $31.60

Shadow Buck 40X30

The grand deer is standing as guardian of the forest, rendered in shadows of browns and grays but in majestic full view.
$189.00 $75.60

World Maps 36x48

Majestic large scale world map. Perfect for the world traveler motif.
$359.99 $144.00

Aero Vintage 28X56

Vintage aeroplane on canvas wrap with metal embellishment to create a dimensional mixed media piece that elevates artwork beyond the everyday.
$419.99 $199.99

Alex 16X16

This sweet little dog is chaneling the greatest of fashion icons with a pair of over-sized glasses. A soulful and sad countenance makes Alex canvas wrap artwork a heartwarming presence in any room.
$39.00 $15.60

Alpine Fall 32X32

Warm colors and gold gilding embellishments take this gentle birch forest into a lovely and graceful piece of canvas wrap artwork for a woodlands theme.
$150.00 $60.00