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Picture of Crown on Your Head - Hardcover

Crown on Your Head - Hardcover

We know our children are special, and now the incomparable Nancy Tillman expresses this universal feeling in the most touching of ways: Every child is born with a crown. The crown is everything that gives us unique value. Our crown will always be with us wherever we go, whatever we do.
Picture of Different Like Coco - Hardcover

Different Like Coco - Hardcover

The rags-to-riches story of Coco Chanel plays out in a wonderful picture-book biography as full of style and spirit as its heroine.
Picture of Do Princesses wear Hiking Boots - Hardcover

Do Princesses wear Hiking Boots - Hardcover

Every inquisitive little girl wonders what it is really like to be a genuine princess. At the heart of Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? lives an energetic, spirited, and contemporary child who has lots of important questions for her mom.
Picture of Itsy Bitsy Spider - Board Book

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Board Book

Classic nursery rhymes with interactive touch-and-trace elements makes this board book ideal for little hands!
Picture of Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Lorax by Dr. Seuss

"Unless someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not." Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty.
Picture of Love Monster & The Scary Something - hardcover

Love Monster & The Scary Something - hardcover

It's way past bedtime o'clock in Cutesville . . . . but somebody can't sleep. The harder he tries to nod off, the more wide awake Love Monster is, and the later and darker and spookier it gets. When he hears a rustle rustle, then a creeeak, scuffle-shuffle BUMP, he's just sure there's a hungry, scary something on its way to get him. So Love Monster musters up his courage . . . . and discovers that the something scary isn't so scary after all. It's just his friend coming to pay Love Monster a visit. Turns out Love Monster's pal couldn't sleep, either.