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Bailey Sloth Medium 16 x 3 - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Bailey Sloth is so chilled out, he falls asleep here, there and everywhere! This groovy guy has soothing mocha fur, with a cute creamy face and neat eye mask. Bobble-nosed and chunky-pawed, Bailey gives super sloth snuggles to all. Overall dimensions 16" x 3"

Bashful Chicken - Medium 12" x 5"

Bok-bok-ark! (That's Chicken for "Nice to meet you!") Bashful Chicken flutters into the farmyard, waving those soft, heart-shaped wings! With gorgeous golden beak and feet, creamy fur and bright red tail and comb, this chirpy chicken knows how to make an entrance! Overall dimensions 12" x 5"

Bashful Cow - Medium - 12" x 5"

Keep on moooving. Bashful Cow is a Jersey gem, with warm, snuggly fur and a silky tassel tail. This flappy-eared friend has soft, creamy horns, long hugging arms and suedey pink muzzle. Even those hooves are super-squashy! Overall 12" x 5"

Bashful Cream Bunny - Really Big - 26"

Cloudy-soft snuggles and lazy picnic times. Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm! Time for scones and a hippity-hop on the grass! With a bunny pal as soft as butter icing, summer days are so inviting! Overall 26"

Bashful Forest Bunny - Medium - 12 x 5

Bashful Forest Bunny loves nature walks, and hops through the woodland looking for bugs! This sage little scamp has bluey-green fur, and likes to hide in the softest moss. Take this bunny for rambles, scrambles and picnics and see what adventures you find! Overall size 12" x 5 "

Bashful Grey Bunny - Medium - 12 x 5

In Bashful Silver Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! Their soft bed, their teapot, even their tea is Earl Grey! But it’s such a pretty colour, it’s understandable. Their cuddly silver tummy is deliciously soft and their long lop ears are too fluffy not to love on. Overall size 12" x 5 "