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For over 30 years, PlanToys® has been recycling the wood from expired rubber wood trees to create beautiful wooden toys that inspire children’s imaginations and promote a commitment to sustainable play for generations to come.

3 Reasons to choose PlanToys for kids!

3 reasons for plan toys icon 1We are passionate about child safety, We pay close attention to the safety standards of our production process. All of our materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly so parents can let their children play without a worry.


why plan icon 2We help children develop, Every parent wants to see their child successfully grow and develop.We believe that creative and educational play can help them do this! By playing with our educational toys, children learn and evolve in a variety of ways.


why plan icon 3We care about the environment: We believe that a quality environment will give rise to quality individuals. At PlanToys, we use water-based colors that are chemical free, E-Zero glue that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, and we maximize resource utilization by using leftover sawdust to create a new sustainable material called PlanWood™.

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Picture of Dog Puzzle - by Plan Toys

Dog Puzzle - by Plan Toys

Have fun with this Dog Puzzle! Kids can play it as a puzzle which helps develop problem solving and fine motor skills. Moreover, they can create a story from the figures to encourage imaginative thinking..
Picture of Fishing Game - by Plan Toys

Fishing Game - by Plan Toys

Learn about numbers and colors while fishing! This game includes 6 colorful fish and 2 wooden fishing rods that can be adjusted for different levels of play. Strengthen fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration ability, problem solving skills and more!.
Picture of Fountain Bowl Set - by Plan Toys

Fountain Bowl Set - by Plan Toys

How fast or slow will the water drain from the cups? Find out with the Fountain Bowl Set, which consists of 3 different cups that kids can enjoy experimenting different flows of water..
Picture of Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z - by Plan Toys

Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z - by Plan Toys

Add variety to your knowledge of Alphabets with this sign language set. The 26 piece set features an impressed lower case letter and corresponding American hand sign language picture..
Picture of Leaf Magnifier - by Plan Toys

Leaf Magnifier - by Plan Toys

The Leaf Magnifier encourages exploration of nature and the outside world..
Picture of Matching & Nesting Shapes Puzzle - Unit Link - by Plan Toys

Matching & Nesting Shapes Puzzle - Unit Link - by Plan Toys

Using three types of geometric hollow blocks (cube, cylinder and triangle), children are invited to explore spatial relation, early mathematic skills and hand-eye coordination. Have fun matching, stacking and nesting the various shapes, and stimulate your problem-solving skills by completing the puzzle successfully! Compatible with other block sets in the Unit Link series..