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The World of Nuna Baby Gear
The World of Nuna Baby Gear

Nuna baby gear products have taken the US market by storm and everyone wants to know the who, why, and how of this amazing new brand that seems to have just popped up. I was lucky enough to attend the first Nuna USA summit this past week, along with another 10 retailers from all over the US. We were joined by the President of Nuna USA and several of the Global team members to discuss this amazing brand and their drive to provide the most well engineered and tastefully designed product in the world.

Who is Nuna?

Nuna is not the little up-start that they are often thought of. The brand is a division of one of the largest car-seat and gear manufactures in the world, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the entire global production of infant and children' carseats. The Nuna brand is just one portion of this global powerhouse. As a manufacture for more than thirty years, they decided to take their significant knowledge and expertise and roll out a brand of products that merged high fashion, the ultimate in safety, and simple clean design. Most gear producers take a solitary focus and run with either high design or safety or fashion. These products are usually touted as 'best of this' or 'best of that' but never excel in all three arenas. Nuna is different. Nuna thinks that you can achieve the safest and most reliable products without sacrificing the design of the product.

The people that make up the Nuna team are surprising. Because the team was hand picked from a roster of professionals steeped in history in infant gear manufacturing, design, engineering, and marketing. The team roster reads like a who's who of the industry. As an example, the Global Textile executive has a 15 year history choosing and programming the fabric selections of Graco (one of the largest US producers). She left for the opportunity to create something dynamic and different than any products on the market. Her story is amazing, and we hope to bring you some more information and possibly an interview about her process in the future. As an example of the dedication to the product, she told us a story of the long process of perfecting the exact color of the fabrics on the Pipa Carseat by actual hand dying fabric swatches until the perfect color is reached. What looks like just a tan colored fabric takes months to years to facilitate because the fabric is tested and produced to be free of toxins and chemicals (oeko tex certified) and the color study takes equally as long. Then the fabrics actually have to stand up to the rigors and stresses of ruff-n-tumble lifestyles. Lastly the textiles have to feel good. This is no easy task and Nuna is excelling.

The resources they have available are some of the best. Testing safety and security is vital for gear products. There are so many different standards globally that manufactures struggle to address all the different international, national, regional and even province or state requirements. NOT Nuna. They own their own testing facility including a full fledged crash simulator. By the time the products go to independent lab testing for certification they have been tested and improved and retested multiple times. Every buckle, strap, adjustment and clip are there to create the safest and most highly engineered products around.

Elevating The World of Nuna Baby Gear

When you touch and feel the product you know you are seeing something different: A high chair that holds 225 pounds easily but has the visual of a sleek modern barstool, a nursery swing/bouncer that can double as your 10 year old's gaming chair, a carseat that installs in seconds yet withstands the harshest of testing standards and elevates safety approaches that the rest of the world is quickly copying to catch up to. Touching and feeling these products speaks volumes about the commitment to safety and quality. Many of the products have also been awarded the most prestigious design awards on the globe including the coveted RedDot. There really is not a single brand of baby essentials on the market that is more flushed out with quality, safety, aesthetics, and taste than those of Nuna. We are proud to be a partner of this amazing line.

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