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Battle of the Lightweight Infant Carriers - Nuna Pipa Aire versus Uppa Aira
Battle of the Lightweight Infant Carriers - Nuna Pipa Aire versus Uppa Aira

The past few years have seen a large number of changes in the carseat industry, and we are expecting a few more in the next year.  Federal standards and policies on carseats have changed quite a bit of what we are seeing on the market and what we expect to see, and all of these changes are TO THE BENIFIT OF THE CONSUMER because you will find some new technology as well as new testing that is going to provide parents with more peace of mind and safety features at their fingertips.

The battleground where the biggest campaign on infant carseats is being waged is in "lightweight" and "featherweight" infant buckets.  Previously this category was held tightly with very little competition by Nuna and their Pipa Light & Pipa Light LX products.  New regulations mandated that all carseats that ship with a carseat base must be able to be installed without the base.  This new regulation meant that Nuna needed to redesign their 'Lite' product.  Their redesign is now available as the Pipa Aire & Pipa Aire RX both new for 2024 (we will be comparing the Pipa Aire in this article).  Uppa baby, purveyors of great strollers had, until this year, only offered the Mesa family of infant carseats, that are know for their ease of installation but quite heavy and cumbersome in comparison to the ultra light products from Nuna.  This March Uppa unveiled the Aria, which by weight is going to be the lowest weighing carseat on the US market as of now.

Both of these seats price out at $350 including the base.  Both seats feature a Load-Leg, which we feel is a safety component that should be on all carseats if at all possible.  Both seats feature Greenguard certification and both are communicating ABSENCE of chemical flame retardants. Outside of their similarities both seats have their pros and cons and both merit some hands on from consumers to make sure you are getting the best fit for your family.

Install with the Lightweight Infant Carseats:

This is our single most important qualification on carseats.  If it is likely to be installed correctly in the real world applications by parents and grandparents then it is more likely to protect the child in an accident and is more favorable to our staff for that very reason.  Things that are cumbersome, difficult, problematic, or confusing on the install are going to likely not be installed correctly and for that reason less likely to be protective.  Because safety is the goal, the ease of a consistent and CORRECT install ranks high with our staff and usually with our customers as well.  We have found that the Nuna Pipa Aire wins in this category with their rigid latch install this is a very quick and straight forward install (they receive high customer satisfaction marks on how easy this install is).  The install on the Uppa Aira is a bit more complicated with the ratcheting latch clips it is easier than most, however this seat is very upright in the base and there is a narrow window for the proper recline of the seat to meet recommendations.  Changing the angle of the seat recline is accomplished with release of the foot pedestal in the base and we have had to make several adjustments during installation to get this right. Additionally, the manufacturer indicates that use in the vehicle when traveling requires a specific position of the carry handle which is not the natural position of the handle when carrying the infant bucket.  This requirement to reposition the handle when in the car is likely to not be adhered to by families that are unaware of the requirement. We feel that with respect to the installation that the Nuna Pipa Aire is more likely to be installed correctly by more people because the install is quite a bit less cumbersome.  We do need to note that there are a handful of vehicles (some BMWs and some other cars with deep bucket seats) that this pipa base presents a problem accessing the latch points due to the design of those vehicles latch position.  The solution for those vehicles is the RELX base from Nuna which ships with the more expensive AIRE RX seat or to purchase the RELX base for the vehicles that need arises.

The Last component of installation is securing your child in the seat.  This similar for both seats in that both feature 5 point harnesses.  The Aria by Uppa has a no rethread harness so on the fly adjustments of the head support and shoulder harness position is very easy in this product.  The Aria has a few inserts that come out as the child grows: there is a lower insert comes out at 9 pounds and a back-positioning insert intended to help with keeping an open airway by positioning the shoulders forward and allowing the head to tilt back to encourage the open airway and reduce the potential of head tilt (this is recommended to remain in use up through 4 months and "Child is not slouching and has good head and neck control".   The Pipa Aire has a single insert intended for children under the weight of 12 pounds.  There is no back positioning insert in the Nuna Pipa Aire because the seat operates in a more reclined position when installed in the vehicle.

Lightweight Carrying:

Both seats present a very light infant carrying bucket compared to most infant seat on the market.  Side by side out of the box the Aria by Uppa is less weight by some ounces.  Both seats have carry handles that are ergonomic for most carrying activities.

Travel System Use

Both the Aria by Uppa Baby and the Pipa Aire by Nuna are going to function exceptionally well in travel system setups that are WITHIN the brand, by this we mean if you have an Uppa Stroller the Uppa Carseat will relatively simple to use and no special adaptors will be necessary (The same for Nuna Carseats with Nuna Strollers).  Where we see a significant difference in options is in “cross platform” product use.  The Nuna Aire carseat utilizes a Maxi-Cosi type of connection for strollers (one of the most common connections world wide) and because this type of connection it is supported by many more stroller manufacturers than the connection for the Uppa Baby carseats, you will find that utilizing the Pipa Aire on a stroller that is not Nuna is going to be much easier that accommodating a Uppa Carseat on a ‘non-uppa” stroller.

The big takeaway on the Lightweight Infant Carseat Battle:

  • If you are not sure about your installation visit a professional (public safety officer or car seat check location)
  • The Uppa Aira requires a bit more diligence and time in proper installation and has a few quirks that you need to be aware of while in use (like handle position) and multiple inserts but both  Uppa Aria and Pipa Aire are going to provide great protection for your child in an accident as long as installed correctly
  • The Nuna Pipa Aire is compatible with a larger number of strollers sold in the US than the Uppa Aria

Baby Furntiure Plus Kids offers free shipping nationwide on carseats and local customers can get assistance in installation and live demos at our Columbia South Carolina Location

Browse and Shop these Seats:

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Infant Car Seat Load Leg: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
Infant Car Seat Load Leg: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

As a parent, there is nothing more important than the safety of your child. And when it comes to car safety, choosing the right infant car seat is crucial. One feature that you may have heard about is the load leg, also known as a stability leg. In this blog post, we will explain what a load leg is and why it is important for your child's safety.

What is a Load Leg?

A load leg is a feature that can be found on some infant car seats. It is a metal or plastic bar that extends from the base of the car seat to the floor of the vehicle. The load leg is designed to provide additional stability and support in the event of a crash.

How Does a Load Leg Work?

When a car is in a crash, the force of the impact is transferred through the car seat and to the floor of the vehicle. The load leg helps to distribute this force more evenly, reducing the risk of injury to your child. It also helps to prevent the car seat from rotating or tipping over in the event of a crash.

Why is a Load Leg Important?

The load leg is an important safety feature that can provide additional protection for your child in the event of a crash. In fact, studies have shown that car seats with a load leg can reduce the risk of injury by up to 50%.

Additionally, a load leg can help to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries, which are some of the most common injuries sustained in a car crash. This is because the load leg helps to keep the car seat in place, preventing it from tipping or rotating and causing your child's head to jolt forward.

When it comes to infant car seats, safety should always be your top priority. While a load leg may not be a feature that you have considered before, it is one that can provide additional protection for your child in the event of a crash. If you are in the market for a new infant car seat, consider choosing one with a load leg for added peace of mind.

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Our Covid19 Response Updates - Babies Don't Wait
Our Covid19 Response Updates - Babies Don't Wait

We recoginize a new baby on the way is nerve wracking and scary, yet we are now facing constricted movement and are bombarded with informationabout this global health crisis (Covid19).  We are here for you and will all we can to help navigate this as your partner and resource in this crisis. 

Below are current opperational details which are likely to change - we will keep this updated as often as possible

Hours of Opperation (UPDATE 5.19.2020):

  • We are returning to normal opperating Hours this Friday 5.22 and will be open Memorial Day as well
  • All back-room processes (shipping and receiving and order status checks will continue as normal)  
  • Pick up or delivery outside our opperating hours please Text Us at 803-816-1357 and we will be at the store in10-15 minutes.
  • We are offering private showroom access by appointment afterhours - call (803) 788-5880 for appointment

Shipping and Pickups

  • Currently there have been no changes to our outbound freight and UPS services - orders will be processed as normal and ship ASAP - any online order will be shipped immediately or we will contact you if there is expected delay within 24 hours
  • We always have and will continue to offer Curbside pickup during normal business hours


  • Our registry program is website integrated and is still active
  • We offer a guided registry option - we can get you set up without you coming in the store and preload our top registry products - contact us for assistance

Carseat Installation / Training

  • We will continue to offere installation and training on all of our carseat products 
  • Available during normal business hours or afterhours with appointment - call (803) 788-5880 for afterhours options

Contact Options:

  • Telephone: (803) 788-5880 - monitored during normal business hours - voice mail left afterhours will be addressed as quickly as possible
  • Text Us at 803-816-1357 - monitored during normal business hours - some afterhours monitoring
  • Email - Some Afterhours responses

Purchasing and Financing Options:

Tought times and tight pocketbooks call for alternatives.

  • Financing - we have in store financing option for 12 Months no interest with approved account
  • Layaway - small deposit gets your order placed or product held for you up to 3 months.  Stock items get full refund if you change your mind and no finance charges ever - perfect way to get you new nursery reserved in advance of your actual needing it set up
  • Check our our instore doorbusters
  • We offere alternative payment methods for people that don't want to transact over the phone when requested.
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Private Showroom by Appointment - Social Distancing and Shopping BFPK
Private Showroom by Appointment - Social Distancing and Shopping BFPK

New babies don't wait for global health crisises and we know your concerns over public spaces, so we have begun opening up our showroom for private access to our knowledgable team and hands on product exploration.  We are currently offering private access to our showroom by appointment during afterhours.  If you are concerned about crowds and public exposure during this time of "Social Distancing" please call us to setup private access to our showroom and staff.  

  • WHAT - private afterhours access to our showroom and staff

  • WHEN - by appointment only

  • HOW - call (803) 788-5880 to set up appointment (limited to availability)

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Mid-Year Floor Sample Sale
Mid-Year Floor Sample Sale

All of our mid-year introductions are arriving and we are making room Instore for new products- we cannot ship floor samples.  We do not guarantee these products will remain available.  First come First Served (803) 788-5880


Sadie Glider + Ottoman Ivory


  • Glider + stationary ottoman that matches
  • Ivory/Cream Linen Fabric
  • $599 on sale $479.99



Silva Edison White - Floor Sample Package

edison white floor samples

  • Incredible solid Beech Wood crib.  Awesome self-closing drawer glides on dresser
  • Crib + Double Dresser and Changing tray box
  • Bright White finish
  • $1,985 on sale $1,191 - SOLD




Sadie Glider + Ottoman - Light Gray


  • Glider + stationary ottoman that matches
  • Light Gray Linen Fabric
  • $599 on sale $479.99


Trinity Belgium Cream Package

trinity white fabric top crib packages

  • Flat top crib with fabric panel back that can be changed to suit your needs
  • Crib + Dresser
  • creamy white distressed finish
  • $1,349.98 on sale $799.99


Trinity Gray Package - Floor Samples

trinity gray curve crib packages

  • Curve top crib 
  • Double Dresser
  • Hutch/Bookcase for Dresser
  • Chest
  • Nightstand
  • warm gray finish
  • $2,798.96 on sale $1259.53


Silva Serena Flint Room - Dream Package

serena flint package

  • Solid beechwood crib in medium gray washed finish
  • dressers from Europe with self-close drawer glides
  • Crib + Dresser + Hutch + Nightstand
  • French Roast Finish
  • $2,780 on sale $1,529


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Floor Sample Glider Sale - 2018
Floor Sample Glider Sale - 2018

It is that time of year...... we ordered tons of new gliders and recliners for the comming year and have to make room, that means 40%-70% OFF many of our current Floor Models!  Instore only purchases - we cannot ship floor samples.  We do not guarantee these products will remain available.  First come First Served

Basel Recliner Glider

  • Recliner Glider from Storytime Series
  • Ivory fabric with Grey Contrast welt
  • $770 on sale 40% OFF - $462


Montreal Recliner Glider

  • Recliner Glider from Storytime Series
  • Seafoam Turquoise fabric with Ivory Contrast welt
  • $740 on sale 40% OFF - $444


Denver/Tryp Recliner Glider

  • Recliner Glider from Storytime Series
  • Grey fabric with Charcoal Contrast welt
  • SOLD


Devonshire Glider & Ottoman

  • Glider and Ottoman from Storytime Series
  • Birch textured fabric (light grey/natural)
  • SOLD


Devonshire Glider & Ottoman

  • Glider and ottoman from Storytime Series
  • very light pink with grey contrast welt
  • SOLD


Ella Glider

  • Slipcovered Glider with DOWN fill from Four Seasons
  • Ivory soft fabric with turquoise contrast welt
  • $1,071 on sale 65% OFF - $374.85


Aiden Glider

  • Oversized Slipcovered Down Filled glider from Four Seasons
  • Ivory & Natural Damask slipcover
  • SOLD


Liza Glider

  • Oversized Slipcovered Non Down Filled glider from Four Seasons
  • Green and Ivory diamond pattern
  • $1,116 on sale 65% OFF - $390.60


Kylee Glider and Ottoman

  • Oversized Slipcovered Down Filled glider from Four Seasons with gliding Ottoman
  • Modern paisley floral linen fabric
  • $1,746.00 on sale 70% OFF - $523.80


Ella Glider

  • Slipcovered Non Down Filled glider from Four Seasons
  • Grey and Ivory pattern on amazing linen fabric
  • $1,314 on sale 65% OFF - $459.90


Okee Recliner Glider

  • Recliner Glider from Storytime Series
  • Durable Cherry Red microfiber
  • $590 on sale 50% OFF - $295


Rome Glider

  • Oversized Glider from Storytime Series
  • Light Ivory fabric with Navy Contrast Welt
  • $640 on sale 40% OFF - $384


Poku Recliner Glider

  • Recliner Glider from Storytime Series
  • Durable Navy microfiber
  • $610 on sale 50% OFF - $305

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Lemon Blueberry Sugar Cookies
Lemon Blueberry Sugar Cookies

I am completely adicted to sugar cookies - I cannot turn them down but am often dissapointed in texture and flavor of anything mass produced and many home recipies.  My favorite set of cooks and chefs over at America's Test Kitchen produced a great sugar cookie recipe with just the right texture and loaded with subtle flavors in their magazine  Cooks Illustrated.  For something a bit different I took their basic recipe and added the bright flavor of lemon and sweet blueberries for a summery flavored sugar cookie that we devour at our store and home.

Yields 18-24 cookies

  • 2 1/4 cups + 2 Tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Zest from one lemon (about 1 tablespoon) - divided
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar PLUS additional 1/2 cup for rolling
  • 2 ounces cream cheese - room temprature
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter (I prefer the amazing Plugra brand butter, which is a European Style but actually made in the USA.)
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tablespoon whole milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon lemon extract
  • 1 4 ounce package dried blueberries - coarse chop

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and put rack on top position. I bake on partchment paper always!

bfpk lemon blueberry sugar cookies

  • Wisk flour, baking powder, baking soda & salt in medium bowl
  • In small shallow bowl mix 1/2 of the lemon zest with 1/2 cup sugar - mix thouroughly and break up lumps - you will have mix this several times because the moisture in the zest causes clumping - might want to place in warmer part of kitchen to help evaporate the moisture a bit.
  • In large mixing bowl combine remaining lemon zest, cream cheese and sugar. Mix thouroughly but dont worry if it is lumpy.
  • Add melted butter to sugar/cream cheese mix and combine until smooth.  Add vegatable oil, egg, milk and both extracts to this and stir thoroughly with each addition until a smooth even texture.
  • Add chopped dried blueberries and flour mixture to batter.  Mix gently until combined and no dry flour remains.
  • take 1/4 cup portions of the batter and form smooth ball, roll in sugar/lemon zest mixture and place on partchment lined cooking sheet approximately 2 to 2 1/2 inches apart.  I get about 9 cookies per sheet.
  • Using flat bottomed glass or measuring cup press ball down until about 1/4 inch thick
  • Dust tops of cookies with more sugar/zest mixture lightly
  • Bake 11 13 minutes at 350 Degrees.  Cookies should look dry at edges and only slightly darker at edges - you DON'Twant to over bake to brown crispy.
  • Let Cool on parchment paper (on cookie sheet or off) cooling on the partchment retains lots of the moisture - once mostly cooled (15-20 minutes move to wire rack to finish.
  • Store airtight container - flavors meld overnight and are even better 2 and 3 days later


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Straight Talk : Carseat Covers
Straight Talk : Carseat Covers

It is Hot.  Not just a little .... but mind draining body beating hard to breath kind of hot this year.  If you think this heat takes your breath away and wears you out, just think how that little metabolic engine know as your new infant feels out and about in this heat.

Babies all tend to run a bit warmer that the adults that care for them.  The are just little engines that are burning food, building bone & muscle and all that metabolic energy gives off heat! We tend to think that we need to protect our little ones and dress them up, often over-dressing for the weather.  Given the extreem heat in the south (and throughout the country this year) you should be extra careful to dress down your little one.  Lightweight fabrics and minimal clothing should be the go to so your little metabolic engine is as comfortable as possible.  Dressing down the little one will help them when facing the 90 degree plus weather we can expect for the next few months.  Many many parents know this and do a great job of keeping the little ones comfortable in their home, but then venture outside and make some choices that are less wise.

As any parent can tell you, random strangers are often suprisingly familiar with little babies.  Most new parents are shocked how many people just walk up to your new infant child and start touching without asking.  It is for this reason that the car-seat cover has become an important part of the parent's 'out with baby arsenal'  Parents often use a cover over their carseat to function as both protection from sun and wind as well as strangers that want to reach into the carseat carrier and give the baby a little squeeze.  Carseat covers and carseat canopies are great products but have some draw backs as well.

stretch knit carseat cover

enclosed stretch knit carseat cover

minky blanket type carseat cover

fuzzy minky blanket carseat cover

Most carseat covers are just blankets of some type that have been sewn to neatly wrap around or over an infant carrier type of carseat.  They come in a myriad of styles and types.  A majority of the most popular carseat covers are made of a stretch knit fabric that wraps around the entire seat, leaving the baby protected and the handle free for carrying.  The problem with stetch knit is it is just not that breathable.  The inside of the carseat and the baby therein can start to overheat.  Recently there have been more and more warnings from health and safety professionals about taking care wit respect to blankets and covers on carseats and strollers in the hot summer months


The solution is Muslin:

Muslin.  Yes the lightweight open weave fabric that is all the rage in the baby industry is probably the best answer to how to cover the carseat.  This fabric is super breathable since is is so thin lightly woven swaddle blanket as carseat covertogether.  Muslin is slightly tigher weave than cheesecloth but not much and allows supieror breathability.  It is the fabric of choice in swaddling blankets for this very reason.  Because it is so breathable it allows the heat to flow out quickly and not build up inside a swaddled baby as well as in a carseat if using as cover.  Muslin swaddle blankets are extreemly popular and pretty much everybody receives a few for the baby shower.  Muslin swaddling blankets can range from a few dollars to twenty-five dollars or more depending on brand and style, with most popular designer brands less than $20. 

At a minimum grab a lightweight muslin swaddling blanket and toss it over the carseat or stroller when out and about in this heat and leave the stretch knit or minky covers at home. 

Our Favorite Carseat Covers:

By far our favorite (and only product we sell in this category) are the dedicated muslin carseat covers from Little Unicorn.  They are single layer of super breathable 100% cotton muslin that is sewn to function as a carseat cover.  They have an elastic band sewn at the bottom to fit around the carseat and snaps at the top to attach to the carrier handle.... but the best part is that they have a magnetic closure so you can open them up without removing the entire cover to check on the baby.  Eventhough a simple muslin swaddling blanket will work as a good breathable carseat cover, these dedicated products do provide a fitted and easy to function approach.   All the lovely fashion doesnt hurt either.

little unicorn muslin carseat cover

Little Unicorn Carseat Cover

muslin carseat cover with magnetic window opening

magnetic peek-a-boo window in muslin cover

lightweight muslin carseat cover with magnetic window

magnetic peek-a-boo window in muslin cover

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Nuna Pipa Variations – Explained.
Nuna Pipa Variations – Explained.

We will be updating this near the end of 2023 - there have been some new seats as well as some older products have now left the mix.

We think the infant carseat is one of the most important purchases you will make during your first year of child rearing.  We have discussed carseats in general here: “Straight Talk about Carseats”.

The stunning Nuna Pipa infant carseat has become the infant carrier carseat of choice throughout the United States in the last few years and there are actually now three different versions of this car seat. For many consumers the differences are confusing, so we want to help by explaining the three seats and their independent features.

defining characteristics of nuna pipa car seat

Nuna Pipa Car Seat – the original revolution

The Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat was released a few years ago and was a revolutionary piece of safety equipment because it combined several safety features found on other products into this single seat.  This essentially created one of the safest seats on the market. Specifically, the Nuna Pipa incorporated both a rigid latch installation with a load leg (both of which were not in widespread use) into a single seat; blowing away the competition. By adding additional features like the Okeo-Tex textiles (for a certified clean fabric component), the ‘Dream Drape’, and out of the box compatibility with a range of strollers the original launch of The Nuna Pipa was a revolution.

Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat

We have detailed the launch of this seat with our review, “New PIPA Lite by Nuna - the 5 pound wonder!”. The major take away on this product versus the Nuna Pipa is that the weight of the carrier has been reduced a whopping 2 pounds without sacrificing the safety or aesthetically pleasing nature of the seat. Additionally a complete second seat liner in an GOTS certified organic cotton is included with this seat.

The one caveat to mention is that the standout cost to this innovation was the removal of the seatbelt pathway on the carrier portion of the seat. On the Pipa (original) there is a belt path on the carrier allowing the car seat to be installed without the base for emergency situations and for use in public transportation (Uber, Cabs, airplanes, etc) so you do not have to carry the heavy carseat base with you. For most families this is a non-issue because they are not utilizing public transportation on a regular or occasional basis (or plan not to during the first year of this new baby’s life). If, in fact, you utilize public transport on a regular basis it might not be the right fit seat for you.

Lastly, noticeably absent on the Pipa Lite is the presence of the Dream Drape that so many families love for the breathable sun protection.  We recommend these breathable muslin magnetic closure car-seat canopies from Little Unicorn as a replacement for the ‘Dream-Drape-less’ Pipa Lite.

Nuna Pipa Lite LX Carseat

The last and most fantastic of the three versions is called LX (for Lux). This overall function and construction of the seat is the same as the Pipa Lite (rigid latch, load leg, 5 pound carrier) However there are two distinct additions to provide that LUX moniker. First, the DREAM DRAPE makes it’s reappearance adding that coveted built-in canopy extension, beloved by most consumers. Second, and more important to many people, is the use of Merino Wool as the seat fabric. Wool is naturally cooling in warm weather and provides some warmth in those cool months. Wool is also one of the few natural fibers that boasts an inherent flame retardant property.

How do I choose which Nuna Pipa is right for my family?

We have a series of questions that can help:

  1. Do you use or plan to use public transportation more than rarely over the next year? - if you answer that you use local public transportation (Uber, Taxies, Ride Sharing) on a weekly basis OR if you plan on Airline Travel with your child multiple times in the next year – We recommend sticking with the Original Nuna Pipa
  2. Do you or any primary care persons have severe back, shoulder or neck injuries/limitations that will be affected by lifting a carseat? – if the answer is yes, we recommend one of the Nuna Pipa Lite or Lite LX
  3. Are you a proponent of Organic and Natural fiber usage as an exclusive approach to your lifestyle? – if yes then we recommend the Nuna Pipa Lite LX

Browse and Shop all NUNA PIPA Car Seats

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Chewy Cherry Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chewy Cherry Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

As you most likely know I am a huge fan of Cooks Illustrated and when looking for a base recipe for chocolate chip cookies I found their chewy chocolate chip cookies to be a great launching point for these loaded melt in your mouth goodies.

A few points of interest: Melting the butter before mixing with sugar helps these remain chewy and I consider this a must! Also the strange approach to forming the cookie by pulling apart a rounded ball and reassembling as a craggy topped sphere seems a bit weird but creates such a nice appearance of a artisan looking cookie I just had to include it as well.

A note on ingredients: butter butter butter – use a European style butter – not land o lakes or some no name American brand. There is higher proportion of butter fat in the European style butters and creates a nice smooth taste. I use unsalted and you should too. I am not a fan of the Irish brand, Kerrygold, because it has a bit too much fat and turns these cookies a bit greasy. My butter of choice is the amazing Plugra brand butter, which is a European Style but actually made in the USA. It has the perfect flavor and just the right amount of fat. Delicious! I am using dried Montmorency Cherries that are just a bit tart but rich in cherry flavor (I like this brand from Publix). These can be purchased at local grocery and my chocolate chip of choice is Ghiradelli 60% Bittersweet Chip (these are large chips and just the right amount of bittersweet to combat this sugary batter)


  • ¾ cup pecans (whole or pieces)
  • 12 tablespoons UNSALTED butter
  • 2 1/8 Cup all purpose flour
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 large egg PLUS 1 large egg yolk
  • 2 ½ teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 5 oz bag dried Montmorency Cherries
  • 1 10 oz bag Ghiradelli 60% Bittersweet Chocolate Chips


  1. Heat oven to 250 degrees, place pecans on baking sheet (I recommend using some parchment paper as well) Roast pecans for 30-40 minutes until fragrant. Remove and let cool. Chop medium (pencil eraser size). Roasting brings out a buttery and rich toffee flavor to pecans.
  2. Increase oven temp to 325 Degrees
  3. Melt (gently) the butter in microwave or on stove top – do not over heat because it will pop and or burn. Does not need to be melted to the point of separating… just melted.
  4. While butter is melting and cooling down: measure out flour, salt and baking soda into small bowl and whisk well to combine. Measure out two sugars into large mixing bowl. Mix melted butter into sugars and stir to combine, continue stirring until lumps are removed. You might see a bit of separation of the butter fat from the sugar mixture (this will be resolved with…. Add the whole egg and 1 egg yolk to sugar/butter mixture. Mix well until a uniform creamy mixture is formed and egg is completely incorporated. Add vanilla and mix until completely incorporated.
  5. Add flour to sugar/butter/egg and mix UNTIL JUST BARELY incorporated – you do not want to over mix – it causes the cookies to be tough (you only want to mix until the flour streaks disappear). Add chocolate chips, dried cherries and chopped pecans. Mix gently until thoroughly dispersed (again you are not whipping these together…. Just gentle mixing with a wooden spoon)
  6. Forming cookies – this was a bit weird to me but is so pleasing in the result I recommend doing this. Using ¼ cup handfuls (more than a golf ball and less than those little tangerines that are all the rage right now – you can measure with a cup the first couple of times if that helps). Round the dough into a sphere. Take the sphere and break it in half and then reform a new round ball by squishing the two halves’ back together so rough torn part is on top (see photos). Place sphere craggy side up on parchment lined cookie sheet. I can get about 9 on a sheet spreading them out well. (you will need to cook two sheets worth from this recipe – approx. 18 cookies

    Form a smooth round ball of dough

    form smooth ball of dough

    split apart ball of dough

    split apart ball of dough

    reform dough ball with craggy top

    reform ball with craggy top

  7. Bake at 325 degrees for 13-15 minutes – cookies should look just a bit under done in the center. Remove from oven and cool ON THE COOKIE SHEET – do not use a cooling wire rack – cooling on the sheet helps keep them moist and chewy.
  8. Store in airtight container once completely cooled or gobble them up when they have cooled to room temp!
Cherry Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies
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